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Introducing my furry son…

One of the simple things I appreciate in my life is my love for animals, particularly dogs. They are loyal, cute, and genuine. One of the biggest thing I love about them is that they don’t judge. Whether I am sick, happy, sad, feeling ugly or pretty, they still look at me with 100% adoration. That is what I call “unconditional love”.

My husband and I own a black border collie with some white design on his chest. His name is Charco Blacky Tran. He is a big cutie (he has his own iG, you can peek at him on this site) His personality is quite interesting. He reminds me a lot of myself. He gets scared and anxious easily. He ALWAYS pees/poos whenever he experiences something new and uses aggression to hide the fact that he is scared. He has these big brown eyes and whenever he looks at me, my heart melts. It’s as if he is telling me, “Everything is gonna be okay, mommy *woof*”.

I love him.